Case Study -The Analysis Of The Case Study

Instruc ons: Students will be given a case study of a small organisa on trading on the brink of insolvency, arguing the case as to why it might fail or why it might succeed. The analysis of the case study must: ? Analyse the nancial statements of the business,? Iden fy what the key ra os are and apply ra o analysis,? Argue the case of why the organisa on may or may not succeed in the future and what thebusiness should be doing to help it succeed,? Consider the impact of the poli cal compe ve environment on the business,? Discuss relevant ethical considera ons when an organisa on becomes insolvent or can it besaved?? Include external factors which need to be taken into considera on and the likelihood of amerger or acquisi on as well as iden fy what the key ra os are,? Provide a recommenda on, i. e. would you invest in this company a er your own analysis orunder what circumstances would you buy/save the businessOutput/Deliverable and parameters of the Assessment?A 2500 word report is to be submi ed for Assessment 2.

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