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Challenges that veterans of the war faced

The war environment is traumatizing for soldiers, once they return home one of the major challenge is to adjust to the normal way of life. Psychiatric care has done little to help as the number of veterans committing suicide is higher than that of the civilians. Moreover, it has been difficult for these veterans to find jobs in the market, thus high unemployment for war veterans. Leaving these persons without job further worsens their situation as it alienates them in the community making it difficult for them to be assimilated in the society. They in simple term become societal misfits as most of them have no alternative qualifications that would make it easy to secure alternative jobs.

Compensation of veterans has also been a problem, in the course of duty in war torn area. Some soldier’s returns home with injuries and others disabled. It has often taken long to compensate them and their claims have piled up costing billions of dollar. In this sense it is therefore true that most veterans are also financially constrained given the cost they may incur while undergoing therapy and other basic expenses. This situation worsens the predicaments of war veterans.

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