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client interview or interaction

The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate use of at least one (1) of the four (4) Motivational Interviewing processes during a client interview or interaction and to provide reflection upon the experience.

You will select a client interview or interaction from your field placement or place of employment.   During the interview/interaction, you will practice use of at least one MI process.  After the interview/interaction you will record the client conversation on the process recording sheet.  You will then examine the conversation, reflect upon your interaction, technique and skill ability.

Your paper should include the following:  A brief description of the placement/employment setting and types of clients served by the agency  A brief description of the client selected for this paper (age, gender, services received, purpose of interaction, etc.) and of the interview/interaction • A general description of the 4 MI processes, as well as a detailed description (the purpose, when and how) of at least one (1) specific process you utilized during the interview

 A summary of your reaction/reflection upon utilizing the technique and your skill ability  Benefits/challenges to utilizing the technique  A sample of the process recording demonstrating use of at least one (1) of the four (4) MI processes (addendum)