Communication Audit Report

Persuasive Presentation Assignments (2)1. CEO presentation to a classmate, professional, or co-worker – 7 to 10 min., no PowerPoint needed 2. Communication Audit Report (18 to 20 minutes maximum for Skype Presentation on Report), request a time slot from Dr. Joyce.Purpose Your goal is to persuade the audience of the need to adopt your recommended changes in your stance on a position or on organizational policy, program or procedure regarding the flow of communication based on your Communication Audit Report.The presentation should be clear about the urgency of the problem to be solved, your proposed solution(s), and the procedures for implementing the solution(s). Include responses to any potential objections to your recommendations. Emphasize persuasive appeals rather than the features of your plan – remember, this is a persuasive presentation, not an informative presentation.Audience Nominate a hypothetical audience. It should be a group within the organization who can approve and implement your suggestions. Assume they are already familiar with your idea – they have read your proposal report or spoken to you informally prior to the occasion of your presentation – but are unconvinced of its value.Structure Follow the three-part format: A. Introduction1. Attention step2. Statement of specific purpose3. Forecast of main pointsB. Body1. Brief overview of the problem and its urgency2. Brief review of your solution’s features, including implementation3. Persuasive appeals, including ethos, logos, and pathos (spend most of your time on these appeals)4. Response to possible objectionsC. Summary, Conclusions, and Recommendations1. Summary of main points2. Call for specific actionLength You must time your presentation while rehearsing it out loud, preferably before a live audience, in order to gauge how long the actual delivery will take.Delivery Style Extemporaneous. Resist the temptation to read from a manuscript or speak without notes. Avoid using your slides as speaker notes, since eye contact with the audience would suffer. Dress professionally. Use note cards—not sheets of paper if needed.PowerPoint Slides A slideshow must accompany your formal Skype presentation. Use the slides to emphasize and visualize your key ideas. Improve your ethos by making the slides attractive and readable. See Chapter 14. At minimum, your slideshow should include a title slide, an attention-getting slide, an agenda slide, at least one slide for each main point, a summary slide (matching the agenda slide), and a final slide that calls for questions and/or calls for action. Proofread carefully your slides.Q & A Session Announce that you will answer questions immediately at the end of your presentation. The Q&A session does not count as part of your time limit.

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