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Compare & Contrast President Kennedy and Obama

For the purpose of this essay, I will discuss the similarities and differences of John Kennedy and Barrack Obama in terms of content, presentation style, historical perspective, the influence of their speeches. It is necessary to note that, every United States president reads the inaugural address after swearing the oath of office. Thus John Kennedy and Barrack Obama are part of the tradition.

The speeches are similar on how both were influenced by historical events. The Obama speech was mostly influenced by the 2008 economic recession, whereas John Kennedy was influenced by just ended world war II, which the U.S had won. President Obama delivered his speech amidst financial crisis to give hope of making it through. President Kennedy sought to bring global unity. Therefore, this depicts why Kennedy speech is more on world peace while Obama focused on economic growth. The contrast is that Kennedy speech was after world war while Obama speech was at the midst of economic crisis.

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