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Comparison&contrast Conservatism&Liberalism ideologies, how affecting U.S. Presidential race.

1.) I will provide Philosophy and Education Ch.1, Liberalism Ch.11, and Conservatism Ch.03 files from the book Philosophical and Ideological Voices in Education by Gerald L. Gutek as a baseline for you to start with.
2.) Chapter 1 files are only to organize how and what points you should focus on to be addressed in the paper from Conservatism and Liberalism. It is just an introduction to how ideologies are important and what they are composed of. Chapter 1 is not a direct focus of this paper but should be relied on to find the differences and correlations of Cons & Libs.
3.) This has also been referred to as a Core Assessment paper. My interpretation of that statement is to tangibly, obviously, and in a smooth/balanced manner capture all 7 criteria from the "Criteria" file I have uploaded, throughout the document.
4.) The 5 pages ordered will be intro, body, conclusion in APA, I will provide/upload abstract for attachment well before deadline. Paper should include research and appropriate documentation.
5.) Must address a significant contemporary issue of a global nature relevant to the course(the U.S. Presidential race), and the Liberal Education program(call me about this point 910-261-1123). The paper should synthesize multiple disciplinary perspectives and propose critical and creative responses.
The subject line in this order should not be used as the paper title. Please text me what you think the title might be after reading the criteria page, I understand if it doesn't come to you right away though.
readings altogether http://www89.zippyshare.com/v/zvETrRji/file.html
Discipline: Integrative & Interdisciplinary Learning Capstone:Mankinds Intellectual Journey