Concordia Bus 3360 – The Activity Of Matching Supply

Question 6Question textSelect one: a. process capacityb. work flow ratec. utilizationd. production rateQuestion 7 Question textThe activity of matching supply of output with demand over the medium time range is known as Select one: a. aggregate planningb. sales planningc. general purpose planningd. capacity planningQuestion 8 Question textThe ________________ is a table with time across the horizontal dimension and a scarce resource such as machines, people, time, etc. Select one: a. scheduling chartb. Fish chartc. Gantt chartd. contingency chartQuestion 9 Question textSelect one: a. shortest process timeb. critical ratioc. optimum ratiod. priority rationQuestion 10 Question text_______________________ is maintained by the cross-functional team, which monitors each activity as the work is performed on the project. Select one: a. Project controlb. Scheduling controlc. Flow chartingd. Batch control

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