Convert the moles of Fe2O3 from 2a to moles of Al2O3

Your Name: Caitlin LorenzanaReport Sheet for Lesson 11 ExperimentStoichiometry and Limiting Reagent CalculationsIn the previous Lesson, you watched a Video Demonstration about the thermitereaction, which is used to weld railroad tracks. You may wish to refer back to the videofor this section. If 1. 50 g Fe2O3 and 2. 00 g Al are combined, how many grams of Al 2O3 will be produced?Use the following steps to solve this problem. Be sure to use units and the rules of significant figures. 1. Balance the thermite reaction: Fe2O3(s) + 2Al(s) 2Fe(s) + Al2O3(s)Fe2O3(s) + 2Al(s) 2Fe(s) + Al2O3(s)2a. Convert 1. 50 g Fe2O3 to molesShow work here. 55. 85 ( 2 )+15. 999 ( 3 ) =Molar Mass of Fe 2 O3=159. 69 g/mol9. 3 x 10−3 mol1. 5 g Fe2 O3 159. 69 g Fe2 O 3==0. 0093932mol−→ 9. 3 x 10−3 molx1mol2b. Convert the moles of Fe2O3 from 2a to moles of Al2O3Show work here. _______________3a. Convert 2. 00 g Al to molesShow work here. _______________3b. Convert the moles of Al from 3a to moles of Al 2O3Show work here. 4. Which is the limiting reactant, Fe2O3 or Al? Why?______________Fe2O35. Convert the moles of Al2O3 (produced bythe limiting reactant) to grams. Show work here. _______________Stoichiometry: A Reaction of Sodium Bicarbonate and Acetic AcidBe sure to use units and the rules of significant figures. 6. Mass of 50 mL beaker7. Mass of beaker and sodium bicarbonate8. Calculated mass of sodium bicarbonate aloneShow work here. 9. Convert mass of sodium bicarbonate to molesShow work here. _______________10. Theoretical number of moles of acetic acid needed_______________Since the balanced equation shows that 1 mole of aceticacid is needed to react 1 mole of sodium bicarbonate, the theoretical number of molesof acetic acid needed should be equal to the number of moles of sodium bicarbonateyou measured out. 11. Volume in ml of vinegar added_______________12. Calculated ml of acetic acid used_______________Show work here. 13. Calculated grams of acetic acid usedShow work here. _______________14. Calculated moles of acetic acid usedShow work here. _______________Questions: 15. How many moles of NaHCO3 did you measure out?________________16. Theoretically, how many moles of acetic acid should have been used to fully reactthe measured amount of sodium bicarbonate?________________17. Experimentally, how many moles of acetic acid did it take to fully react the sodiumbicarbonate?________________18. List at least 2 possible sources of error for the experiment (Why was theexperimental amount of acetic acid different than the theoretical amount) and waysthese errors could have been corrected. mL vinegar addedpH