Cosmetic Surgery and Crime Escaping (As a Disguise)

Hi Xi

English 102

Draft #1


Cosmetic Surgery and Crime Escaping (As a Disguise)

One should never forget his/her identity.  Even if somebody decides to undertake cosmetic surgery to avoid recognition acts committed, the world can never forget. Therefore, one’s identity must be his/her strength. In criminal justice, identity is more than a theoretical interest; Police trusts their methods of identifying criminals, especially facial recognition and biometric identification. Also, there are other identification methods such as iris that are very hard to change. However, they are rarely used and ineffective for tracking criminals on the run. Therefore, criminals have resorted to altering their appearances through surgical procedures over the past few years to avoid facial recognition. However, even after spending much on surgical procedures, the law enforcement agencies have in many cases nabbed the suspects. Cosmetic surgery is not perfect is disguising suspect that want to run away from justice, but never the rest, it has made it difficult for police to track and identify the suspect.

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