Cost, Quality, And Access In The U.S. Health Care Delivery System.

Cost, Quality, and Access in the U. S. Health Care Delivery System. Review various Resources, and think about how the structure and organization of the U. S. health care system affect delivery of services. Also think about the interrelationships between and among health care costs, quality, and access in this country. Bring to mind a specific example that illustrates potential problems, concerns, or barriers using the following questions as a guide: How could current and future efforts to contain costs affect quality and access?How might measures to ensure the provision of high-quality care influence costs and accessibility?How could efforts to promote universal access to care impact cost and quality?Response to the following: 1. Describe a specific situation or issue that illustrates problems, concerns, or barriers that involve decisions related to cost, quality, and access. 2. Briefly explain how the structure and organization of the U. S. health care delivery system bring about or impact this type of situation or issue. 3. Describe the impact the Affordable Care Act may have on cost, quality, and access. If you are an international student and you are more familiar with a health system in another country, you may describe cost, quality, and access in your country. Note: Formulate this Discussion as one cohesive response that integrates information related to the bullet points above. Additional RequirementsMin Pages: 3Level of Detail: Only answer needed

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