Define The Term Conclusion

QuestionReadCommon Core? and The Lost Opportunity of the Common Core Standards. ?Performa critical analysis of each reading using critical thinking techniques from this weeks readings. Respond to the following based on your critical thinking analysis of the Common Core? and The Lost Opportunity of the Common Core State Standards? readings. 1) Define the term conclusion. 2) What is the conclusion of each article?3) Define the term premises. 4) What premises support the conclusions in each article?5) How convincing is the conclusion of each article? Explain your answer. 6) Define the term biases. 7) What biases did you observe in each article? Why do you think they are biases?8) What might be the sources of the biases in each article?ReferencesSell, M. (2013). Common core. McClatchy – Tribune Business News [Washington]. Wellner, K. G. (2014). The lost opportunity of the common core state standards. Phi Delta Kappan, 95(7), 39-41

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