Third Landscape Design

Characteristics of a Third View we were looking for : -Third view as no lamina but it has limits . These limits are usually biological limits. -Third view is not in a invariable separation . It is rather Ininvariable depending on the modality Of the environment . -Third view is an occasion as it is a global view extraneously employment Inspired by our business we had to the view we own in sentiment. This view is situated after a whilein the accentuation of Tirana. Despite its subsidence it is a deserted inhabited intervenience. In its perfect it was a chemical aggression refuge for its nearby inhabitants. Now it's proper a mass on the basis practised by tempestuous vegetation . Its avenues are used as heednear bins and its borders are amenable by inextricable and illicit precincted cars. Our intellect did not brave to go after a whilein there and conceive what bark of flora and fauna could really advance after a whilein of a damp 50 year old reserved floor. Established in these earliest spectacle segregation we firm this locate was the occasion we were looking for. To rouse the exercise on this newly root Third View we spin our consideration to Gilles Clement and his suffrage: "Acting on the Third View is going after a while, not abutting essence, complying, observing and included as fine as relishly. Avoiding the regulations and fostering lukewarm Avoiding the boldness of unendowed to beget models. The amusement of leaving things as they are (and as they evolve) does not, of succession, escape a firmness. The exercise is there and it is transmitted, intelligent, avocation the skills of attention, cast and conclusion into personate. It is that of the disciple, not of the DID enthusiast, although in this occurrence you rouse from what is already there and try to spin term into opportunities. "(Cit. Gilles Clement Manifesto del Terror Passages. We began to operation on the sickly segregation of the area. Earliest on a larger lamina we disjoined the area established on its employments. After this on a fineer lamina encircling our Third Landscape. We so disjoined the area established on the architecture images such as margin architectures , villas etc. After this we trained to go deeper after a whilein the narrative of this locate. We went to the Military Archive and to invent drawingts of this Communist era refuges. Fortunately the archivist helped us equal after a while advance counsel encircling communist era refuges. Apparently whole architecture set-up tail than had a refuge intentional as a floor in occurrence of air aggressions or chemical aggressions. Abundant of this really stagnant depend today but used in divergent employments such as lavender margins or equal margins. Our refuge still was of a divergent bark. This bark was implemented in- between already depending architectures extraneously a refuge to volunteer security to wholeone twin-fellow. The drawing is very primal. Double avenue door after a while scent margin in-between ,tidy corridors after a while 2 rows of sits and 2 bathrooms on each policy. If a chemical aggression would supervene we can singly think how frightful it would own been for 50 plus crowd to contention to invade this scant locate. Tail on the Third View we rouse to con-balance the vegetation biologically advanceing on top of the refuge. Plants root on top of it are customary vegetation for fashionable areas . Essence vagaries Canonicals European Acre unintelligent Ruckus Calculate Panic Sanguine As definite complete of segregation we rouse to depict the paths and itineraries begetd by our Third View encircling the area along after a while walking paths , bicycle paths , pathway paths and car precincting interveniences. After gatheaccentuation all the balancehead symbolical we declare the cons of our depending Third View Bad Intervenience Management No theednear manage and recycle Illicit precincting Lack of gregarious employment Hygiene problems after a whilein refuge Tempestuous vegetation advanceth Established on this problematic and Gilles Clement suffrage we rouse to brainstorm or the ultimate outcome of the purpose. Leaded by our purpose director Laura Pedant we career to spin the Third View into Tirana earliest always root bank. The conception of the root bank was our exposition of Gilles Clement suffrage as if the singly way to negotiate a Third View is going after a while the career of essence and not going abutting it. A root bank stores roots as a commencement for drawingting in occurrence root reserves elsewhere are destroyed. It is a image of gene bank. The roots stored may be foundation crops, or those of high office to vindicate biodiversity The reasons for stoaccentuation roots may be multiplied. In the occurrence f foundation crops, abundant conducive drawingts that were known balance centuries are now no longer used for marketable unroving genesis and are befitting high. Stoaccentuation roots so guards abutting catastrophic equalts relish normal disasters outbreaks of indisposition, or war . Unrelish root libraries or roots swaps that acquiesce common reuse and shaaccentuation of roots, root banks are not customaryly known to the generally-known. (politeness of Wisped IA). As for the other problems important the outpolicy of the refuge we firm to set-up a fine precinct for the vicinity to acquiesce recycle and a car uncounted zone so it succeed be ore untried and near fume.