Devry Card405 week 5 Cover & Thank You Letters Latest 2015 October

Week 5: Cover & Thank You Letters

Grading Rubric

This document contains a grading rubric for this assignment.

Criteria that Submitted Assignment Meets

Total Points Possible for Assignment

Award full credit only if: (1) the cover letter is targeted to the job ad and links the student’s skills to the job requirements; (2) both letters contain appropriate content; (3) both letters are formatted in standard business style; (4) both letters have flawless grammar and spelling; (5) submission includes the job ad.


Deduct points if: (1) the cover letter is not targeted sufficiently to the job ad and fails to link the student’s skills to the job requirements (maximum deduction 30 points); (2) the letters do not contain appropriate content (maximum deduction 20 points); (3) the letters are not formatted in standard business style (maximum deduction 20 points); (4) there are grammatical and spellingerrors (maximum deduction 20 points); (5) the job ad was not submitted with the letters(deduct 10 points).