Discussion 1: “Ethically, What Went Wrong?

Understanding ethical boundaries is critical to maintaining professional integrity and it is your responsibility as a professional. A few instances that might challenge your ethics include personal gains, response to unexpected events, intimate client relationships, or well-meaning gestures that are not within your professional code of ethics.
To Prepare
Review the Summers text, pp. 71–75. Choose two hypothetical practice situations under “Ethically, What Went Wrong?” You will respond to two chosen ethical situations with a detailed, well thought-out post. You should try to choose situations that have not been chosen by your colleagues.

Post the number associated with your chosen situation and a brief description. Then answer the following questions: What was done in your chosen situations that was unethical? What is at least one example for each situation of how the person acting unethically could have handled the situation more ethically?
Please be specific and support your conclusions by citing the course resources AND at least ONE peer-reviewed resource (i.e., journal article, professional organization website, etc.).

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