Discussion 5 Form Design Committee

Discussion 5: Forms CommitteeStart a New ThreadRefreshMark All ReadMore ActionsSubscribe to TopicUnsubscribe from TopicView: Threaded All Posts Unread Only Flagged OnlyApplyNote: You have ( 0 ) draft(s) saved in this topic. As an HIM professional, you may be responsible for the forms committee in your organization. Is it an important job? At this point you probably know the answer is “yes”. . . but why?Refer to any information you have researched and answer the following questions: • Why is it important to have a forms committee?• What are the advantages and disadvantages of having the HIM professional take the lead in forms design, development, and maintenance?• What one aspect of forms design / control would you suggest changing if you were in charge of forms control in a facility?Be sure to cite all the sources you use in APA format!

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