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one paragraph for each question. APA format, please provide reference used. The document for question one is the tempest doc that I uploaded and the document for question 2 is Excerpt from Beowulf (I don’t have a copy for this though so maybe have to google).

(1)Why are we willing to suspend disbelief when we see a play, yet we demand so much more from a film production? Do you think that the limitation on special effects and alternative demand on the audience member to suspend disbelief is a weakness or a strength of the theatrical experience? Would you rather see The Tempest on stage or in film? Why?

(2)One of the most common uses of imagery in the medieval and Renaissance periods is allegory. What is an allegory? Describe how at least one of the examples of art in this week’s lecture or one of this week’s readings is allegorical in nature. Why, in your opinion, was allegory so prevalent during these periods? Is it still important in contemporary literature? Why or why not?

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Discussion Question

Search online for information about the Nuremberg Trials. Find at least 3 good sources of information. In one paragraph, summarize the events of the Nuremberg Trials, making sure to identify the moral outcome. Then, in another paragraph, analyze these outcomes in relation to the theory we studied this past week. Would consequentialism provide the same outcomes, or different outcomes, and why? Responses should be two paragraphs in length.Submit both paragraphs and the URLs of your three sources as one file–REMEMBER TO USE APA FORMAT TO CREATE A PROPER REFERENCES PAGE.Please note that your responses are graded both on content AND grammar, spelling, and organization of ideas. See ‘Rubrics’ on the Course Menu for more detailed information on Journal grading.