Does your jurisdiction have a large number of resources


Does your jurisdiction have a large number of resources

Does your jurisdiction have a large number of resources


Write 150 or more words response to red questions below in paragraph form. Need to cite and reference to support answer given.

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Thanks for hopping on board and I like how you mentioned that not all issues are solved by the case manager.

We will find issues in case management in one environment or the other. What exists as an issue in the community may not necessarily be an issue within the prison system (housing, food, employment, paying for services, etc) and what issues exist in the prison may  not always also be found in the community.

And..... we often come across issues that exist in both settings such as availability of services. There are some communities where services are very few or just don't exist at all. Roberts discusses the risk level of the neighborhood with us when it comes to treatment resources being available to offenders.

 jurisdiction have a large number of resources?

 the neighboring jurisdiction that might be a town or city that has more? 

When clients face this, what are some of the secondary issues that come with when resources are at a greater distance?

Or what about local crime rates and availability of things like drugs, etc. Would this environment be of any concern to a case manager? How can we address it, if at all?

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Response to Professor,

There are issues in case management. The task involving the continuous provision of services to the prisoners who are returning to the community is often challenging.

There is the concept of recidivism that the case managers have to ensure that they anticipate and put measures that can help reduce the occurrence of the same (Day et al., 2012). Limited financial resources for the inmates who have been released is an aspect the case managers finds challenging to handle.

Referring the inmates to the community service providers hence becomes difficult as a result of those financial constraints.

This is because of their possible in the ability to pay for the services of the community service provider they are referred to. The other challenge is the limitation of technology in the prisons. Even if these issues are found, they will still exist in the community. This is because not all of them will be solved by the case manager.


Day, A., Hardcastle, L., & Birgden, A. (2012). Case Management in Community Corrections: Current Status and Future Directions. Journal

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