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Dyslexia is a learning disability. It includes the inability to read words, spelling, and sounds. Dyslexia can develop before a child is born or develop due to birth related complications. A dyslexia child is healthy and intelligent just like any other child, but has a problem in spelling words and reading sounds. Dyslexia is caused by the problem of brain coordination. Children with this condition can be identified at the early stages of development; however, it is necessary to understand that who is dyslexic may portray different symptoms.

Children have different ways in which they manifest dyslexia; hence there is need to analyzed diagnose children carefully. Though they face everyday challenges, the condition manifests in different ways. Parents and teachers should learn and understand dyslexia symptoms so that they can identify any of the symptoms in their children.  In case, a parent notices any symptom of dyslexia, they should take them for medical assessments

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