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Ecosystem in Kuwait

Biomes are large ecological areas on the surface of the earth, with plant and animals (flora and fauna) that have specific adaptations to their environments. Biomes are defined by abiotic factors such as climate, soils, and vegetation. However, it should not be confused for an ecosystem since plants and animals in part of biomes have adaptations that enable them to survive in that particular area. For instance, there could be numerous units of ecosystem in a single biome (Sivakumar, Ibrahim and Ramasamy, 2013). In the past years, the deserts of Kuwaiti have undergone several changes due to factors like military maneuvers, improper land-utilization management, overgrazing, urbanization, and industrial usage. This paper examines the ecosystem of Kuwait, specifically, the biome in the country.

Kuwaiti desert ecosystem covers up to about 85% of the entire country. Therefore, the protection and the preservation of the ecosystem is very essential for the country. The backbone of Kuwait’s economy, especially the oil fields are all over the desert regions. There are other industrial activities around the desert. Most part of the desert region have been negatively affected by the military operations that have taken place for many past years in Kuwait, leaving the delicate ecosystem of the desert highly damaged (Omar, Samira and Waleed, 2010).

Marine ecosystems and the country’s marine biological diversity are major national assets.  They require proper management to meet a widespread range of social, economic such as seaports and sea food, and cultural aspirations. The marine ecosystem also provides a variety of valuable environmental services that would be very costly or even impossible to replace if the effectiveness of the ecosystem is destabilized. The coastal area constitutes the northern area of the Arabian- Gulf, which can be classified as the northern coastline covering around the Kuwait Bay and KhoSaniya. The southern coastline spreads along the Arabian Gulf. The coastal region

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