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Effects of Mass Media

Part 1

      Mass Media has changed over time. The oldest form of mass media is print media and has dominated for centuries. Technological advancement brought about radio, which allowed people to hear the news. Radio increased coverage to people who could not read. Decades later, television was invented, and together with radio, mass media was redefined. The new channels gave people an opportunity to see and listen. Television and radio did transform not only the news and events, but also businesses in terms of marketing, stereotyping, beliefs and shared ideologies (Noll, 2007).

Technology further developed to bring in the electronic age. Mass Media changes from just communication tool for news and events to global enterprise for circulating information easier and faster. The invention of the internet in the 1980s was the game changer. With the Internet, information is everywhere at all the time. It enabled communication to people and eliminated the publishers from the control of information. News and information develop from any source, and the source has no control over distribution. The internet has come in with social media such as twitter and facebook that has made it easy to share information. Internet information has no regard to professionalism, something that has cast doubt on information on social media because they are not easy to verify. However, this does not imply that information on social media not valid (Curtis, 2012).


Part 2

Mass Media gives a reflection of the society. It influences what people see, how they see it and the attitude toward it. During the period of newspaper dominance, information was absolute; nobody could question the authenticity of the information

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