Embry Ista230 Module 4 Discussion Latest 2016 April

Discussion 4: AD DS Administration (30 minutes)1313 unread replies. 2424 replies. Review Question(s)1. A colleague is creating a Windows PowerShell script that creates user accounts from data in a . csv file. However, his script is experiencing errors when attempting to set a default password. Why might this be happening?2. You are an administrator for a school district that creates 20,000 new user accounts for students each year. The administration system for students generates a list of the new students and then exports it as a . csv file. After the data is exported to a . csv file, what information do you need to work with the data in a script?3. The Research department in your organization has been renamed “Research and Development. ” You need to update thedepartment property of users in the Research department to reflect this change. You have created a query for user accounts that have the department property set to Research, by using the Get?ADUsercmdlet and the ?filter parameter. What is the next step to update the department property to Research and Development?

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