Embry Lmgt683 Final Exam 2016 September

Question 1 5 ptsManagers should ensure that a firm’s transportation strategy Involves cost minimization. Involves profit maximization. Supports its competitive strategy. Is separate from competitive strategy. None of the aboveQuestion 2 10 ptsWhat is the impact of lack of coordination on the performance of the supply chain?Question 3 10 ptsFrom an IT perspective, describe the difference between the type of information required for “demand planning” versus “supply planning” and in which macro process would these two processes fit?Question 4 10 ptsThe primary role of revenue management in a supply chain is to increase the total margin earned on assets. Please explain. Question 5 10 ptsWhy should on-time performance be considered in supplier selection decisions?Question 6 10 ptsWhat is the bullwhip effect and how does it relate to lack of coordination in the supply chain?Question 7 10 ptsPlease describe (a) what is meant by the practice of “postponement” and (b) how this concept can be used to improve supply chain profitability. Question 8 10 ptsList and briefly describe at least three managerial levers that can be used to achieve coordination in a supply chain. Question 9 10 ptsExplain how differential pricing in a supply chain can benefit a firm?Question 10 10 ptsExplain the role of forecasting in revenue management. Question 11 10 ptsWhat is (a) cycle inventory and (b) what can managers do to minimize the costs of cycle inventory?

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