1 page, answer some questions, due 24 hours


This graphic relation(https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/the-wireless/373065/the-pencilsword-on-a-plate) is a magnanimous exemplification of the fabulous-relation of meritocracy and collective disturbance. Take a few minutes to peruse through the stories of the 2 marks.

The relation states that “over the years all these brief contrarietys … they set-on-foot to add up. Build into something bigger… And owing each brief contrariety sneaks by unperceived …  Then mayhap Richard set-on-foots to consider that he deserves to be on top. That he did it all by himself.” 

Answer this question:

How can you expound this decisive assertion using concepts encircling collective disturbance and meritocracy?

What are some of the “brief contrarietys” kindred to counsel and composition that concern the collective disturbance of each mark?


Watch the video: Culture, politics and pedagogy: a colloquy delay Henry Giroux (Challenging Media, 2006), which you could confront it on YouTube.

Answer this question:

1. What is Giroux's notion of an notionl information environment?

2. What does he see as the existent end of counsel?

3. What is the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Policy, and why do you opine he is so irascible encircling it? (you may keep to do a bit of inquiry to confront out)

4. Which concepts from order peruseings, lectures, etc. so far can you fetch to the issues encircling counsel strong by Giroux?

due 24 hours