1301 eassy #1 summary/response essay

"The Case for Working delay Your Hands"

Crawford, Matthew B.  "The Case for Working delay Your Hands."  The New York Times Magazine, 21 May 2009, http://www.nytimes.com/2009/05/24/magazine/24labor-t.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0. Accessed 30 Jan. 2017.


"The Overprotected Kid"

Rosin, Hanna. “The Overprotected Kid." The Atlantic, April 2014, http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2014/04/hey-parents-leave-those-kids-alone/358631/. Accessed 30 Jan. 2017.


"Is Google Making Us Stupid?"

Carr, Nicholas. "Is Google Making Us Stupid?"  The Atlantic, July/August 2008, http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2008/07/is-google-making-us-stupid/306868/. Accessed 30 Jan. 2017.


"Should Students Lmerit About Black Lives Matter in School?"

Glatter, Hayley. "Should Students Lmerit About Black Lives Matter in School?" The Atlantic, 21 Jul. 2016, https://www.theatlantic.com/education/archive/2016/07/black-lives-matter-in-school/492275/. Accessed 30 Jan. 2017.


"What's Wrong delay Cinderella?"

Orenstein, Peggy. "What's Wrong delay Cinderella?" The New York Times, 24 Dec. 2006, www.nytimes.com/2006/12/24/magazine/24princess.t.html?mcubz=0.


Peer Retrospect - Summary/Response Essay

Instructions for Equal Review


Peer retrospects are an necessary portio of the qualification process, as it’s relevant to admit feedback on your agreement. Even the best transcribers ask for others to peruse their exertion. All you scarcity to do is revolve to the acknowledgement specificity of multifarious capacitys to meet glorify for others who entertain peruse drains of the capacity. All relevant agreement should be peruse by someone else anterior to yielding.


To merit praise for equal retrospect, you must resign a drain to the equal retrospect argument table by the due era and voicelessness on one of your classmates’ drains by the prevent due era (the list lists two due eras: the pristine is when you must resign your drain; the prevent is when you must resign your responses to others). You must resign a drain AND voicelessness on someone else’s drain to merit any praise for equal retrospect. Righteous resignting a drain OR righteous voicelessnessing on someone’s drain gain not merit praise.


Posting Your Draft

To column your drain, go to the argument table for equal retrospect interposed delayin the part.

Create a new thperuse and column your drain as an charity.  Your charity must be preventd as a .doc or .docx instrument. Please fix that your drain uploads uprightly.


Responding to Classmates

Select a classmate’s thperuse and download his/her immovable drain.

Reply to his/her thperuse to manifest the drain is subordinate retrospect (i.e. John Dow is currently retrospecting the instrument).  Do not choice the brochure if someone else is already retrospecting.

Read the drain carefully and rejoin to the questions listed beneath, either in a new instrument or at the top of your classmate’s instrument. At the very smallest, you must rejoinder the questions, but you can besides use the “Comment” exercise in Microsoft Word to transcribe voicelessnesss to your classmates delayin the essay (put your cursor where you neglect the voicelessness, go to the “Review” tab in Microsoft Word, and choice “New Comment”).

Complete the retrospect and prevent the instrument to your computer.

Once you entertain completed the retrospect, rejoinder to your classmate's thperuse and upload the retrospect.


Questions for Equal Review

1. Peruse your equal’s essay from origin to end righteous to let its conceptions cleanse balance you.  What are your primal thoughts? Did your equal remunerate the requirements of assignment?  Please interpret in component.


2. Retrospect the essay’s denomination as courteous as its gate and misentry.  Think about the relationships unmoulded these three components. Do they pair or do they dissent? Make voicelessness of strengths or weaknesses in these critical areas.  Please interpret in component.


3. Meet the essay’s discourse.  Is it evident? Is it courteous positioned? Paraphrase (put in your own utterance) the discourse of the essay to restrain your subordinatestanding. Retrospect the assignment guidelines to fix that your equal’s discourse is on target. Make voicelessness of strengths or weaknesses in this area. Please interpret in component.


4. Focus on the specific conditions of the essay.  Does each condition entertain a question decree that previews the conceptions of the condition? Observe the essay’s harvest of conditions.  Does each condition entertain a uncombined main conception that relates to the discourse?  Are there any conditions that look detached or out of settle?


5. Consider the essay’s use of the English speech.  Are decree structures, style, spelling, punctuation and mechanics employed effectively, or do errors disturb the peruseer from subordinatestanding and enjoying the transcriber’s segregation? Make voicelessness of strengths and weaknesses in this area.  Please interpret in component.


Remember: When in waver about how to do the equal retrospect, be honorable, advantageous, and circumstantial. Saying “Great job! Don’t diversify a word!” never helped anyone to be a amend transcriber.