750 word comparison and contrast essay




Tuesday August 1st @ 10:00PM




- Comparison and opposition Essay of 2 extract on a concordant theme


-Atleast 750 tone.


-It should be double-spaced following a while a 1” room and kind bulk 12 pts use Times New Roma.


- MLA style


-All papers must be in a tidings format, such as .doc or .rtf.






Read the Essay "The Dreamer" by Junot Diaz and the Essay “Cruel Country” by Judith Ortiz Cofer


do an partition of extract, inform your reader what you reckon is expressive in the essay. Don’t honorable inform the reader what the essay says; inform the reader what you reckon it media. Your scope is to awaken the essay, explicating and analyzing the it for the reader.In your abridgment, be knowing to exculpation the subjoined questions:


Who is your reader for this essay? Why would he/she be zealous? What is the significance the reader is expected to get from this essay? What is the most expressive intimation the writer is intricate to bear? What does the inventor bear to say encircling why he/she wrote this What do you deficiency the reader to see encircling your sight of the essay you are analyzing?


Give examples from the essay to embody the points you are making. If you repeat from the essay, put it in passage marks and put an in-extract quotation following the passage marks. No further than 20% of this essay should be passages. The intermission should be in your own tone. Do not use sources other than from our Reader.




Cruel Country (See resolute pictures)