Andy garafallo owns an italian restaurant that sits in the middle of


Case StudyTwo: Skills Approach

Andy’s Recipe

Andy Garafallo owns an Italian restaurant that sits in the intermediate of a cornfield neighboring a bulky Midwestern city. On the restaurant’s far mound is an mature mural of the canals of Venice. A gondola hangs on the inconsistent mound, up by the ceiling. Parallel another mound is a row of developed potted lemon trees. “My ancestors are from Sicily,” says Andy. “In deed, I can bear-in-mind appearance my grandfather grasp a bite out of a lemon, proportioned approve the ones resting on those trees.”

Andy is very positive environing his way to this restaurant, and he should be, owing the restaurant is celebrating its 25th anniversary. “I’m darned positive of what I insufficiency to do. I’m not opposed incongruous fads to get inhabitants to follow short. Inhabitants follow short owing they know-again they earn get sublime stay. They to-boot insufficiency to patronage someone after a while whom they can incorporate. This is my way. Molehill past, molehill hither.” Although other restaurants bear furled, Andy looks to bear set-up a appoint for achievement.

Since space his restaurant, Andy has had a sum of supervisors. Currently, he has three: Kelly, Danielle, and Patrick. Kelly is a kitchen (stay prep) supervisor who is know-againn as very virtuous and dependable. She loves her performance, and is fertile, cheerful after a while appointing, and cheerful after a while making-ready. Andy developedly approves Kelly but is frustrated after a while her owing she has such difficulty getting parallel after a while the salespeople, exhibition inhabitants, and abide staff.

Danielle, who performances out face in the restaurant, has been after a while Andy the longest, six years. Danielle approves performanceing at Garafallo’s—she lives and breathes the settle. She largely buys into Andy’s way of putting customers earliest. In deed, Andy says she has a alacrity for know-againing what customers deficiency flush anteriorly they ask. Although she is very neighborly, Andy says she is lousy after a while sums. She proportioned doesn’t look to seize on to that policy of the concern.

Patrick, who has been after a while Andy for four years, usually performances out face but can performance in the kitchen as well-behaved-behaved. Although Patrick has a stanch performance ethic and is sublime after a while sums, he is inadhesive on the inhabitants policy. For some deduce, Patrick treats customers as if they are faceless, future opposite as very unemotional. In abstracted, Patrick tends to way problems after a while an either–or perspective. This has gotten him into labor on past than one cause. Andy wishes that Patrick would imbibe to illumine up. “He’s a cheerful supervisor, but he deficiencys to know-again that some things proportioned aren’t that great,” says Andy.

Andy’s way to his supervisors is that of a professor and coach. He is constantly opposed to aid them amend. He sees separate of his once as instruction them total front of the restaurant concern. Andy’s formal design is that he insufficiencys his supervisors to be “A” players when they concession his concern to grasp on jobs elsewhere. Aiding inhabitants to befollow the best they can be Andy’s design for his restaurant employees.

Although Andy performances 12 hours a day, he spends inconsiderable interval analyzing the sums. He does not consider environing ways to amend his emolument brink by provoking corners, mound an ace compensation short, or provoking condition there. Andy says, “It’s approve this: The other mystification I got a seduce from someone who said they insufficiencyed to follow in after a while a appoint and wondered if they could bear parallel a cake. I said ‘yes’ after a while one stipulation…I get a piece! Well, the inhabitants came and departed a lot of capital. Then they told me that they had really insufficiencyed to go to another restaurant, but the other settle would not yield them to bear in their own cake.” Andy believes very stanchly in his way. “You get concern by life what you should be.” Compared after a while other restaurants, his restaurant is doing totally well-behaved-behaved. Although frequent settles are blissful to net 5%–7% emolument, Andy’s Italian restaurant nets 30% emolument, year in and year out.


1.   What accounts for Andy’s achievement in the restaurant concern?

2.   From a skills perspective, how would you illustrate the three supervisors, Kelly, Danielle, and Patrick? What does each of them deficiency to do to amend his or her skills?

3.   How would you illustrate Andy’s competencies? Does Andy’s start recommend that one does not deficiency all three skills in appoint to be talented?

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