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Implement dubious thinking and elimination strategies for unobstructed message of written effects.


Produce a perfect 2-4 page tract in which you do a similarity and dissimilarity between driverless cars and/or traditionally driven cars. Be believing to mark-out your discuss for congeniality (thesis), and handle twain effects similar as to pros and cons, costs to exalt, security, pliancy to use, presumption of luck, and manpower requirements, etc. Your tract should comprise an preparatory portion, Nursing essay proposition, collectiveness portions each sustaining a superior effect respecting your aim for congeniality, and a remotest portion to infold-up the tract and memorable the example of your subsistence for your discuss for congeniality.

Although open elimination is not a part of this assignment, contribute a petty proposition at the origin of the assignment explaining how you would have gone environing opinion and providing subsistence for your tract.

Grading Rubric 







Not Submitted

No Pass




Evidence of Dubious Thinking

Not Submitted

No appearance of argumentative discuss for congeniality contributed. Tract lacks unobstructed token of the matter pondered. The forthcoming are missing: what aims to be pondered or how the writer earn go environing opinion notice applicable to the subject.

A Nursing essay is not plum or is not misapply. Twain matters of the similarity and dissimilarity are not equitably vivid or analyzed.

Some appearance of elimination methods to be used. Nursing essay proposition is interjacent, but does not unobstructedly reoffer aim of the tract. It rehearses to most of the collectiveness portions, but not all. Twain matters of the tract are handleed, although not similar.

Some appearance of elimination attempted. Nursing essay proposition is used and immediately rehearses to most of the collectiveness portions, but recedes in consequence as tract moves along. Twain elements of the tract subject are handleed, but not perfectly.

Student unobstructedly indicates some temporization confused in elimination on the subject assigned. Introduction unobstructedly represents the design of the tract and Nursing essay indicates a “discuss for congeniality” offered and is used to instruct the bud of the pause of the perfect similarity/dissimilarity of two elements.

Essay Construction:

Body Paragraphs

Not Submitted

Either no collectiveness portions contributed, are deficient, or do not unobstructedly subsistence or rehearse to the proposition of the deep effect. Collectiveness portions are not easily open.

Composition of collectiveness portions usually appears calculated to subsistence Nursing essay as formal; ultimately, some irapplicable (superior particulars) bygone in the Similarity / Contrast.

Body Paragraphs tie to essay subject, subsistence Nursing essay as formal, but do not constantly comprise ample particular and examples to be perfect portions, or parade similarity/contrast.

Body portions unobstructedly subsistence deep effect of the essay and reoffer good-tempered-tempered use of particulars and examples to finish the design of the assignment. Student sticks to the Nursing essay subsistence.

Essay Construction:


Not Submitted

No remotest portion to infold up the essay is offered, or the proposition contributed is not misapply for a blank and does not contribute imperviousness.

Weak remotest portion rests, but is not luckful as blank of an essay. Petty or inperfect blank, and trips to perfectly ponder the aim of the tract.

Concluding portion does not accomplishedly gain unobstructed it is blank of the portion, or does not infold up the tract effectively as perfect blank.

Concluding portion is applicable to parade retrospect of the Superior Aim and deep effects of the Collectiveness as explicit. Plainly memorables emend example of the essay.

Sentence Make and Usage

Not Submitted

Inperfect dooms plum throughout the portions, misplaced dooms, and/or dooms that desert off the subsistence for the superior aims. Doom errors are interjacent.

Most dooms are perfect and coherent; ultimately, some omissions and/or inemend propositions of grounds and effects rest in the tract. Some slang or unprofessional intonation may be offer.

Some appearance of various doom makes used emendly, but some cleverness of the portion collectiveness dooms trip to parade tangled/absolute doom medley and/or subsistence form of the Collectiveness portions.

Varied doom make and absolute/tangled dooms handled emendly. Demonstrates use of the steps of the congeniality manner. Effective use of transitions glorious. Sentences in portions befit to parade bud of the essay.

Grammar and Mechanics

Not Submitted

Many exact and spontaneous errors in portions and dooms repeatedly consequence in different thoughts and aims for a written tract.

Sentences parade coherence; ultimately, some do not pertain to the subject doom of the portion, and/or desert off the similarity / dissimilarity of the matters.

Few junior exact and spontaneous errors plum in portions that do not appear to drastically discompose or veer the reader’s cognizance of the tract’s signification.

No exact or spontaneous errors plum in perfect medley of absolute and tangled dooms that enlighten the effect of the assignment and assay the aims as formal.