Deliverable 1 – narrated age group presentation



Explain the similarity betwixt diction and literacy harvest.


Through the lens of an skilled existing childhood schoolmaster, you earn profit digital instrument and materials that can be shared delay friend schoolmasters and colleagues. These instrument earn highlight your growing expertise in this province.

The National Association for the Education of Young Children, or NAEYC, eliminates functional harvest as letters experiences calculated to ameliorate the cognizance, skills/behaviors, and attitudes/values of the existing childhood workforce. These experiences must be evidence-naturalized and structured to further links betwixt examination and usage. These experiences should too be naturalized on restricted outcomes that eliminate what functionals should understand and be talented to do for young progeny and families in affect to diction and literacy harvest.

Consider the sundry stages in telling and receptive diction used in existing childhood. Compose a functional harvest supplies that explains the similarity betwixt diction and literacy harvest in the subjoined age clusters: Birth-1 year, 12-24 months, 3-5 years. For this supplies, compose a narrated endowment focusing on restricted activities and best usages that stay literacy and diction harvest.

The endowment can be composed using a narrated Microsoft PowerPoint, Prezi, a Webinar, or another online hireling that earn form it liberal for viewing in an online platform. The counsel earn be targeted at friend existing childhood functionals. The endowment must be orally narrated and grasp the subjoined items:

  • 4-5 slides or screens for each age cluster (12-15 aggregate)
  • For each age cluster, discuss the 2-3 characteristics of the diction and literacy stage
  • Include 2-3 experiences and/or activities in an existing childhood setting that inflame receptive and telling diction harvest
  • Include 1-2 ways friend existing childhood schoolmasters can utensil the sundry activities and/or experiences into their curriculum
  • Include 2 knowing sources that stay these activities and their harvestal expediency, cited in APA format

Here are a few instrument that can acceleration get you started: