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1- Design your one assignment of the Creating a Graph and add the denominated finish. Note that a exemplification is establishd in the addment, 

2- On another page column a five bullet compendium of the Nursing Dissertation (PowerPoint), 

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 4- on another page defense two planatizemates individually balance a 100words, one chapter for each defense (co-ordinate 1, co-ordinate 2).  

Peer 1


Computer Applications in Education

Amparo Guillen

Computer Applications in Education

  • Computers are widely used in the letters institutions, and the directional software plays a distinctive role in revolutionizing advice. The directional programs are planatizeified into five categories: disciplines and manner, masterials, simulations, directional games, and amount-solving tools.
  • Selecting the most divert software is challenging consequently it is unfeeling to planatize and pick-out the most decent for a detail toil. The helpful software suffers the reservation of balancelap of functions consequently it is up-hill to experience one program that solves bisecticular amounts. For persuasion, Reader Rabbit contains sundry programs, including discipline activities, amount-solving, and games.
  • Some benefits of using directional software in planatize are that they rescue interval, tender proximate feedback, and correct interactions between the disciple and the master. This counsel path as-polite helps in the profession of concepts, fosters connection, promotes teamwork. However, the use of computer programs has its drawbacks. For development, there is a possibility of perversion of such programs as simulations as polite as discipline and manner programs. Other programs, such as directional games, may be wishy-washy, and students may waste standpoint when materialed to balance fun than letters.
  • Another pattern applied in the planatizeroom is the integrated letters plan (ILS), which incorporates lessons into the scale curriculum. A polite-calculated ILS should feel telling priggish strategies, livelihood unanalogous reverberation shapeats, and expone reverberations abundantly. Although ILS tenders personalized directions and it is easier to admission it online, the implementation of the plans is valuable and there are concerns about its role in advice.

Courseware evaluation is implemented to resurvey the tellingness of the directional programs in the planatizeroom.

The evaluation should originate delay the authorized needs, establish titles, consummate laborers-on resurveys, and collect

students’ feedback. Some of the aspects resolute are the tellingness, prevention, and user-friendliness of the


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Peer 2


Computer Applications in Education

Grisel Cabrera

  • Instructional software is calculated to help direction. Unanalogous forms of software are: Discipline and manner, Tutorial, Simulation, Instructional games, and Amount solving.
  • Instructional software is up-hill to fine consequently they are unfeeling to planatize consequently understand unanalogous activities. For development, Reader Rabbit feel balancelapping functions, such as discipline activities, amount solving, and games.
  • When fineing a software there are some features that shape bisect of the criteria of a polite-calculated program. They are govern balance offer, divert feedback, defense succor, interactive, divert pedagogy, copious defense-judging and feedback, divert graphics, plan integrity and prevention, appealing shapeats and activities, directional compute, cheerful-tempered-natured-natured documentation to illustrate plan characteristics and uses. These features depend on the form of directional software using.
  • Integrated letters plans (ILS) are software calculated to give directional resigned. They are greatly interactive and contribute feedback as to movement and grip of the material substance at laborer. They feel directional objectives and lessons integrated into scale curriculum. For ILS to be polite calculated, it needs to feel a cheerful-tempered-natured-natured coverage of the curriculum, cheerful-tempered-natured-natured priggish strategies, sundry unanalogous reverberation shapeats, and the reverberations should be unconstrained to peruse and expone.
  • Courseware evaluations are standpointed in some features, such as it teaches what is planned to, the resigned is complimentary, exoteric, and divert, is user amicable and works appropriately.


Lecture 5 Power Point

Roblyer, M. D. and Hughes, Joan E. 2019. Integrating Educational Technology into Teaching:

Transforming Letters Across Disciples. Pearson. 8th Ed. Kindle Version.