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        Week 3 - Assignment       


Instructional Intention Analysis

To actualize your intellect of brain research-based facultys  along after a opportunity beginner motivation and agreement, it is main to see how  each faculty connects after a opportunity that of instructional intentionning. This  assignment presents you the occasion to inspect pattern instructional  plans after a opportunity brain research-based facultys, stages, and strategies in  spirit opportunity beholding their maintenance of maintenance beginner motivation and  engagement.


Refer to Chapter 21 in Jensen (2008) and Jensen’s website: Principles of Brain-Based Learning (Links to an superficial seat.).

Read Jensen’s 6 Quick Brain-Based Teaching Strategies (Links to an superficial seat.)

View Big Thinkers: Judy Willis on the Science of Learning (Links to an superficial seat.) video (11:34)

Select one precept from the copy intentions listed. Read the integral intention  and irritate it after a opportunity brain research-based facultys in spirit. Be infallible to  read each minority of the intention you separated, paying notice to develop  the full as directed after a opportunityin each minority.

Review the Instructional Intention Analysis pattern assignment as a influence. 

Content Instructions
Construct a stately essay that follows the Full and Writing Instructions below:

  • Plan Summary: In a sole provision, identify the intention evaluated and embody it.
  • Brain-based Principles and Strategies: For the clarified intention, irritate  which brain-based facultys and strategies are represented and arrange  at last one stance for each faculty and temporization observed to pomp  how.
  • Recommendations: Make a warning as to what faculty(s) and  strategies could be pretended or developed upon to augment the intention and  ultimately, further effectively aim all beginners.
  • Motivation and Engagement: Describe aspects of the precept that are mitigated to motivate and buy beginners.
  • Recommendations: Make specific warnings as to how the intention could be improved after a opportunity behold to motivation and agreement.

Written Communication Instructions

Submitting your Assignment

  • Submit your assignment for evaluation. Include the ink to your ePortfolio in the comments box when uploading.
  • Archive your assignment in your ePortfolio by uploading to your  Portfolium totality. Once assignments are uploaded to your ePortfolio,  they are considered artifacts and procure be referenced as such.
  • Once logged in to your Portfolium totality, chosen “Add Work.” Follow the gradational instructions.
  • Once uploaded, add a distinction (e.g., Instructional Intention Analysis) and a one- to two-sentence description. 
    • Select “Education” as the order and present it the identical distinction as the foregoing stalk.
    • Your artifact should now be viewable in your Portfolio.

Carefully revisal the Grading Rubric (Links to an superficial seat.) for the criteria that procure be used to evaluate your assignment.