M4 assignment 2 is due in 6hrs, m5:assignment 1 is due in the next

I nonproduction these two assignments effected. I scarcity the pristine one(600 expression) in 6 hours


M4:Assignment 2: Journaling Exercise

This assignment prepares you for the developed Microsoft PowerPoint assignment in M5: Assignment 1. Throughout this method, you bear literary to employ a medley of precarious-thinking techniques to ponder and assess contemporary upshots.

Often, you may get the best results using a multistep regularity that affords deferred term to contemplate, transcribe, elimination, and rewrite. For this assignment, you obtain revisal the time by Peter Singer inscriptiond “America’s Shame,” which you obtain to-boot use in M5: Assignment 1.

Using the Argosy University online library media, revisal the time by Peter Singer.

Complete the subjoined:

  • Record and recount six of your moderate impressions of the time in a chronicle format.
  • Critically irritate each of these impressions and indicate if they are value grounded, or circummodel grounded. Record these as sunder of your chronicle melodys. Do melody that you obtain use these sharp-ends for M5: Assignment 1.
  • Support your declarements after a while examples and divert knowing references.

You can use the Cornell Note-taking utensils to total this assignment. This utensil has been widely used to invariably format and erect melodys. Revisal this document to see how it works.

 Download and revisal the utter Cornell Notes Template.

Write a 600–800-word time in Word format. You may transcribe your time in test essay format or by completing the Cornell Notes Template. Employ APA tests to extract of sources. Use the subjoined smooth naming convention: LastnameFirstInitial_M4_A2.doc.

By Week 4, Day 7, concede your assignment to the M4: Assignment 2 Dropbox.


Unit 5: Module 5 - M5 Assignment 1

Dropbox Assignment 

Assignment 1: LASA 2—Critiquing an Article

In Module 4 Assignment 2, you were asked to afford your impressions of Peter Singer’s time “America’s Shame.” Now, you obtain compile a eliminationed tally to this time. This assignment allows you to assess and shield the lucidity of your indivisible beliefs through precarious toll of Singer’s disputes and the introduction of your own, pristine disputes environing the matter using the utensils of evaluation you bear literary throughout the method.

Assignment Overview:

For this assignment, wear that you bear been asked to bestow a PowerPoint introduction at your persomal order kernel environing the topics of globe want and counsel. You bear unwavering to use Peter Singer’s time as the starting sharp-end of your introduction. As you guile your introduction you obtain scarcity to:

Present the greater claims of Singer.

Present your own pristine dispute aid mindful solutions to real-globe problems.

Back up your dispute after a while beyond elimination.

Here is the integrate to the time by Singer: "America's Shame" from The Chronicle of Higher Education. 55(27), B6–B10. (EBSCO AN 37137370).

Assignment Details:

Develop a 12–15-slide introduction in Microsoft PowerPoint.

Include two subjoined slides—one for the inscription and the other for a References page.

Bullet sharp-ends are sportive, but use total sentences throughout the introduction.

Be unmistakable to understand the subjoined:

Describe the portions of Singer’s time you strive to promise/critique.

Clearly declare your own dispute/topic in tally.

Remember, the disstanding of the model is not considerable; you can concur or disconcur after a while any sharp-end Singer makes in the time. The considerable art is for you to erect a model that palpably promises Singer’s standing. Understand justly cited examples from the time.

As you proceeding your own topic, be unmistakable to understand your standing on how to harangue the problems that Singer discusses in his time. Again, you may concur or disconcur after a while Singer; besides, be unmistakable to present your own solutions to the upshot of globe want, as discussed by Singer.

Support your dispute after a while the use of pristine elimination.

Use at last three trustworthy, academic media to aid your standings.

These should be sources other than Singer's "America's Shame" time.

Apply APA tests to extract of sources. 

Name your smooth LastnameFirstInitial_M5_A1.ppt.and succumb it to the M5: Assignment 1 Dropbox by week 5, Day 5.

You may use this Introduction Design Checklist to succor you invent an cogent and visually appealing introduction.

Use this APA Extract Helper as a conduct for citing your sources.

Assignment 1 Grading Criteria    

Maximum Points

Summarize portions of Singer’s time that you desire to promise/critique.  


Utilize utensils of evaluation to invent an pristine dispute that promises Singer’s passage in a way that is causative and proceedings your own topic.         


Apply elimination to promise Singer through the cogent use of aidive manifestation.         


Presentation Components:

Organization (16)

Style (8)

Usage and Mechanics (16)

APA Elements (20)