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Week 2 Assignment

DUE: Apr 15, 2018 11:55 PM

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Assignment Details

Open DateApr 2, 2018 12:04 AMGraded?YesPoints Possible100.0Resubmissions Allowed?NoAttachments checked for originality?Yes

Assignment Instructions

 Week 2

During weeks 1 and 2 you entertain explored how parenting expectations, experiences and styles are influenced by manifold factors. The culture media hint various ways to produce parenting advice and allied nativity supports. For Assignment 1 due Week 2 you earn use this advice to imagine an tempting flyer for a parenting tabulate that is endd to aid fit new parents. Your flyer should include:

  1. The end of the parenting tabulate – including why it is considerable
  2. At meanest 5 conspicuous topics that earn be addressed in the tabulate noting why each is considerable. Be unfailing to call media to tail this up.
  3. Be imaginary – how would you attract parents or parents to be to after?

Flyer elongation partiality 500 words, 2 academic references used, MS order or RTF format singly.

Possible grade

Student grade

The brochure addresses the issues bounded by the assignment - 5 parenting topics illustrative.


The perpetrator shows insight and sophistication in thinking and fitness


Two academic references were used after a while corresponding citations in the collectiveness of the brochure


Paper was courteous unconfused and gentle to flourish. Brochure was the required elongation. Cover page, brochure collectiveness, citations and Reference register were in the American Psychological Association format.


Few to no spelling, style, punctuation or other fitness organization errors