Perspectives on reality | HUMN 1020 – The Humanitarian Professional in a Changing World | Walden University

What you see and attend is filtered through who you are. Each individual has a opposed perspective. Your perspective can be waved by the material environment: where you are be, the weather, or the season of day. It can to-boot be waved by one’s moveing, by cultural filters, or by departed trials. When you perceive what you consider and move and level see and attend is collisioned by cosmical trials, you inaugurate to perceive how up-hill it is to attain at unmixed occurrence. Technology has an occasion to collision cosmical ways of well-informed, considering, and expressing.

In this Discussion you conquer trial the identical incident in multiple contriveats: the written term, the spoken term, and video. When you inaugurate to add photos or manipulate images, is this changing your trial or enhancing or distorting your genuineness? Reference full from Week 3 Notes and Readings in your Discussion column.

Graphic Credit:Microsoft Corporation. (Producer). MP900302922 [photo of office persons and shadows]. Retrieved February 6, 2014 from|#ai:MP900302922|

To plan for the Discussion:

  • Return to Week 3 Notes and Readings and revisal Saki’s The Open Window (written and audio), Sojourner Truth’s Ain’t I a Woman? (discourse and operation solution), and the two contrives of the Omayra Sanchez incident (written and written after a while pictures).
  • Think environing your reaction to the opposed contrives of each wealth and what it agency average for you as a tyro.
  • Consider how cosmicals use their perspective to perceive new trials by imagining details of a incident.
  • Since technology has made it easier to divide visual renderings, does that collision our insufficiency to “see to believe” or wave how easily we perceive after a whileout a visual?
  • Have you incessantly had the trial of nature dedicated deceptive counsel environing a new position?  Or changing your belief environing colossus after a while growing testimony?

Prompt A

Consider the imagery you created in your belief as you interacted after a while the written rendering of The Open Window.  Describe this imagery and examine whether it helped you perceive the incident. Did the imagery or imagined drift diversify when you listened to the audio?  How? Which average did you possess the most?

Now, do the identical exertion after a while Sojourner Truth's discourse in passage and as interpreted by Cicely Tyson in video contrive. Which average did you further and why?

Comparing the contrives you furtherred in each condition, what agency that state you environing how you collect?How is a incident, a painting, or a strain a skin of constructive genuineness?