The writing process part 2 and writing skills: a personal narrative

This is for a answerableness system 2 ordeal :Examination Questions 1. Write a mixture using  one of the topics listed underneath. Your mixture needs to be  three to five paragraphs covet.  It must inclose an portico, a association, and a quittance. a. Argue for or opposite the limitation of urge limits. b. Explain why a penny diversion is your idol. c. Compare and dissimilarity driving in the decay and driving in the summer. d. Analyze the best way to buy a car, mow a lawn, or arrange a frugality. e. Describe a illustrious day in your morals. 2. Write a message of lamentation. Follow the rules for a interest message, and use the  full-block name. The lamentation may be about anything you eagerness (such as malfunctioning equipment, indigent edifice defence, or disruptive noises from a nearby interest). You can corrupt your message on a penny test, or you can constitute up all the details you need. Please still n ess that a construct message or a template  cannot be used in constructing your solution to doubt 2. When a construct message or template is used, you are giving illiberal to no intention to wording or constructatting, and you are not substantially creating your own lamentation; you are solely supply in the blanks of someone else's is-sue. For this discuss, a remove of 1% procure be issued if a construct message or template is used.