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Assignment Overview

Assignment:  Unit 1 - Individual ProjectType:  Individual ProjectPoints Possible:  95Points Earned: Deliverable Length:  13–20 slidesView objectives for this assignmentDetailsLearnReadMy Work 

Assignment Description

The most cogent overseer is so an cogent director. The two roles are not automatically entwined, and characteristics of twain must be considered and familiar by the educational director. This assignment is centered on a predicament environing a ground boundary converting to the Common Core standards. Click here to re-examination the predicament.

Read the predicament, and estimate it from the perspective of a chief who has been asked to stay the organizational diversify to Common Core. The predicament includes the instructions for the offer and the main outcomes for it. This should be a PowerPoint offer, using weak PowerPoint notes to stay key slides.

You may use investigation to improve your admittance to your grant and staff and to fetch stay to your disline of conduct, directorship, and commitment to organizational principles and diversify. Citations should be placed on the appertaining slide, after a while the terminal 1–2 slides for your regard register in APA diction.

The offer should animadvert the cogent use of PowerPoint and procure be assessed using the rubric for Individual Projects in the M.Ed. program.

Your assignment procure be graded in correspondence after a while the aftercited criteria. Click here to estimate the grading rubric.

Please refer your assignment.

For support after a while your assignment, delight use your quotation, Web resources, and all line materials.

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