Week two powerpoint assignment | Education homework help

Week two argument 


The required text Early cadet outgrowth: From speculation to practice discusses separate environsupernatural and genetic waves on cadet outgrowth. 

Initial Post: Select a theme from Chapter 2 or 3 of your textbook that interests you (ex: wave of genetics, race structures, humanization, economics, supernatural soundness, or attachment phraseology on cadet outgrowth). Next, use the Ashford University Library to place a versed word on the theme that you feel separated. You conquer form a multimedia grant using almost eight- to ten-slides discussing how your theme impacts cadet outgrowth.  You are encouraged to use Prezi for your argument. In the accident that you feel accessibility issues, delight use PowerPoint  You can aspect a basic PowerPoint tutorial here. Link the grant to your moderate shaft.

The grant is expected to enclose the following:


  • Title slide for the grant (1 slide) 
  • Explain the theme/wave you feel separated (1 slide)
  • Discuss how the chosen theme/wave impacts cadetren physically, socially, emotionally, and cognitively (4 slides)
  • Describe how the chosen theme/wave is meaningful and bearing to you as a administrative (1 slide)
  • Use the textbook and at meanest one affixed versed wealth that help your ideas. 
  • Make knowing to name the regardd sources in-text on each slide of gratified, as divert. For pattern, it is divert to name on the slides any summaries, paraphrases, or quotes from sources you use in your grant on the slide where the notification appears.
  • Include a regard slide that contains all regardd sources amid your grant (1 slide)