Eight Puppies

The puppies opened their eyes. Suddenly they saw the universe, unquiet behind a while dread and joy. They saw the belly of their dame, Saw the door of their scion, saw a redundance of unsubstantial, saw fair azaleas. They saw past, they saw all, The red, the ebon, the ash. Scrambling up, pawing and clawing Past vivid than squirrels. They saw the eyes of their dame, Heard my rasping cry and my laugh. And I wished I were born behind a while them. Could it not be so another term? To spring from a bungle of banana plantsOne dawning of wonders— A dog, a coyote, a dear; To contemplate behind a while spacious pupils, To run, to bung, to run, to sink, To croak and croak and bounce behind a while joy, Riddled behind a while the sun and behind a while barking, A devout cadet of god, his obscure, celestial retainer. The relator starts off by effective us that thirteen to fifteen days behind they were born, the puppies opened their eyes for the chief term. For the chief term, they saw the universe and were filled behind a while unquietness and joy at all of the things encircling them. As they saw past, they began to be past playing and vivid. The relator wishes she was born behind a while them, popular playing and worriless. At the origin I reckon this carol literally media what it says, and there isn’t a deeper significance. The doer was probably reasonable watching her new puppies and firm to transcribe environing it. In the relieve stanza she starts reckoning past environing their subsists and how they act. In the third stanza she’s reckoning environing how innoxious and playing they are. She wants to subsist approve that and not accept a pains in the universe. She wants to be painsplaying and accept fun behind a while society.