Hotel Report

BM 0970 Introduction to Hospitality & Tourism Executive Summary Introduction Public-house Rendezvous, Singapore Products/Services: They bestow earthwide public-house employments in countries such as Singapore, Shanghai and multifarious calibre of Australia. They are from The Marque Group of Hotels and they feel public-houses by the call of twain Marque and Rendezvous. Public-house Convergence in Singapore bestows cheerful subsidence too. It is situated in the hardihood of the oppidan, cultural and dispose-of environs; Bras Basah Road, reasonefficacious stones toss from the always-crowded Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station. Outside a waver, this is the infallible assign to convergence for concern or intention. Competition: Hotels adjacentby includes the unreserved Concorde Hotel, unintermittently unreserved as Le Meridian Hotel, Public-house Fort Canning, Mandarin Orchard, which is a 5* Public-house and Hangout @ Mt. Emily, a subjectd budget public-house. Unique-selling points: Public-house Convergence Singapore has the “Telepresence” Room. This particularize-of-the-art quickness connects users the earth after a suitableness novel quiet and comfort, suitableness reducing oppidan journey expenses and increasing productivity and environmental sympathy. The public-house is too the chief to bestow the quickness, thus past concern scrutinizeors obtain be allureed to avolatile in Rendezvous. Furthermore, those who compass the quickness obtain get remittances for admissions and too f/b employments. Target Market: Concern journeylers Potential Opportunities & Challenges Of Public-house Convergence Challenges include: 1. Some public-houses adjacentby in Orchard Highway feel meliorebuke employments An illustration obtain be Mandarin Orchard Hotel; they feel: * Medical clinic in condition of emergencies * Baby sitting employments for customers who alights in the public-house after a suitableness their families and omission someone to aamend their posterity when the parents are far * Postal employments (Immediate mail from the public-house to Singapore Post) 2. Online scrutinizeor reviews interest the competitiveness of Public-house Convergence Websites devotion Trip Advisor obtain feel twain indirect and actual comments. Suitableness actual comments may acquiesce chief-duration journeylers to scrutinize Public-house convergence, indirect comments obtain stop journeylers to penetrebuke the public-house, especially the concern journeylers who omission meliorebuke employments. Since, the indirect comments obtain not be removed after a conjunctureout-delay, thus causing an rule to the choices made by chief-duration journeylers. 3. Shopping centres are establishd far from public-house Major abundanceping malls devotion ION Orchard and Wisma Atria are establishd far from Bras Basah Road, wadjacent bearing is omissioned. 4. Due to IR, concern and quiet excursionists may fancy public-houses such as Marina Bay Sands for avolatile in Singapore instead. 5. F1 Shade Pursuit The F1 shade pursuit occurs in the month of September each year and during this duration, it is considerefficacious past suspend to get to Public-house Rendezvous. Deep eminentway closures at subsidences such as Orchard Highway and Stamford Highway obtain fashion it harder for inciters to get to the public-house. Challenges: Past F1 obtain end in 2011, the public-houses encompass the F1 manner pursuit may proof a forcible droop in public-house possession rebuke. Therefore, suggestions such as organising topical Singapore manner pursuit are commended. Key Developments & Opportunities 1. Zoukout An annual voicelessness, sport and art accident hosted at Sentosa Island. Organised by Zouk Club. Tourists all aggravate the earth end to Singapore wadjacent “30- 35% of the sum declineout end from the clime, principally from Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Hong Kong and too as far off as the United States. ”  This year’s Zoukout has scrutinizeors devotion David Guetta and Tiesto, who are unreserved earthwide. . Christmas Volatile Ups The Christmas volatile ups are manufactured year-by-year on the aim of Orchard Road, wadjacent multifarious excursionists can photograph their memories after a suitableness portentous volatiles on the setting. 3. Great Singapore Sale Great Singapore Sale is an annual accident after a suitableness wide remittances to allure global and Singapore abundancepers to buy merchandises from interdiplomatic brands such as Topshop, Nike, and River Island. Foreign abundancepers may omission an praise to avolatile when they end to Singapore and abundance. Past Convergence public-house is establishd adjacent deep abundanceping environs, it is an occasion for the public-house to allure twain quiet and concern excursionists. They can collaborebuke after a suitableness GSS such as retired sale for Convergence public-house’s patrons or remittanceed admission rebukes if they escheatment $500 after a suitableness 3 in-one produce during this Sale duration. Instrument profitefficacious 1. Transportation; Shuttle Services For easier journey, the Convergence Singapore Public-house bestows an airport shuttle employment for scrutinizeor use. However, the interdiplomatic airport can be aimed after a suitablenessin searchings by scrutinizeors driving their own vehicles and the MRT situation adjacentby bestows joined bearing options. Airport Airport is air bearing for interdiplomatic excursionist to aim Singapore. With airport, it is 20 searchings far to aim public-house convergence which afford excursionists quiet to aim their praise faster. It acceptions the verisimilitude for concern excursionists to prefer Convergence as their praise past it is not far from airport. The 20 searching absence confesss meliorebuke commerce to penetrebuke Public-house convergence. As such, it is a productions that Public-house Convergence can tap on to gait establishes its raiseation as a concern excursionist’s public-house. 2. Land; Minor dilution of the public-house facts can be manufactured at the fountain repose (Ref 1. 4), wadjacent past measure can be affordn to the Pconcurrently Bar, past its extent is diminutive. With the dilution, a dancing base, after a suitableness a disco subject can be built for scrutinizeors to feel parties or dinner and sport accidents in advenient. We feel too raise out that after a suitableness the inclusion of a allegiance generous abunjump in public-houses may acquire the public-house past produce after a suitableness the fees for rental and commissions. An illustration obtain be Royal Plaza on Scotts, wadjacent DFS Galleria is establishd in the public-house ground. Multifarious foreigners devotion to abunjump at DFS consequently their products are considerefficacious cheaper too. Thus, we recomamend that Public-house Convergence should commission employments from DFS Galleria for the fix dilution, to cater to scrutinizeors who ove abundanceping, at their quiet. 3. Relationship (Networking); The Cathay Cineplexes The Cathay Cineplexes are reasonefficacious stones toss far from Public-house Rendezvous. Guests at the public-house can go tadjacent for abundanceping bliss and movie galore. The Cathay Building has been a detached fixmark past 1939 when it chief opened its doors to avid movie-goers. Now a abundanceping mall infused after a suitableness appearance and trends, five storeys house dispose-of and dining indulgences suitableness two bases are ardent to an eight-hall multiplex cinema, including The Picturehouse – Singapore's chief arthouse theatre. Guests obtain be spirited to guard movies there, and after a suitableness seductive movies from the Cannes Film Festival, it is a cheerful assign for scrutinizeors to guard it chief production adjacent in Singapore. Recommendation: The Cathay Cineplexes could collaborebuke concurrently after a suitableness Public-house Convergence to feel initiative seats for the scrutinizeors by showing their public-house keys or diploma issued from the public-house. Tadjacent should too be a quiet employment for gait compassing of tickets which confesss scrutinizeors to get their tickets at the admission of Public-house Convergence This obtain confess them to get their tickets at comfort, after a suitablenessout having to dash natant confrontings and quiet. The Cathay obtain then hold meliorebuke pitfall via putting up circulatements such as pamphlets in the public-house to fashion cast natant the journeylers. Also, collaboration may fetch preferefficacious produce past the initiative seats is an inducement for them to guard movie in The Cathay. Guests government equefficacious recomamend the movie theatre to their colleagues who government end to Singapore in advenient. The Cathay could too yield Public-house Convergence laudatory movie passes to be affordn far to scrutinizeors. When the scrutinizeors scrutinize The Cathay Building for the movie, tadjacent may be preferefficacious chances of them scrutinizeing the dispose-of outlets as well-mannered-behaved. Therefore, it obtain incrcomfort produce and in decline, they can incrcomfort the monthly rental of the abundances. 4. Labour (Human Resources); When scrutinizeors penetrebuke the public-house, the chief tribe they are greeted by are the staffs at the public-house lobby. Porters/Bellmen are those who confront and greet customers upon their look. Public-house Convergence feel encircling 4 porters and bond officers on allegiance on a typical concern day. Valet parking is too a distinctive employment the public-house bestows for scrutinizeors who incite. The porters too amass and save luggage to scrutinizeors’ public-house admissions unintermittently they enter. In Public-house Rendezvous, admissionists are meliorebuke determined as Visitor Admission Officer. . Technology; The public-house omissions a cheerful admission alsubsidence order. We feel researched for best technology preparation and one of which we recomamend is Pelican E-Hotel Distribution System. This assemblage yields employments such as mediate salvation and too the Global Distribution Order (GDS), which connects after a suitableness aggravate 600,000 journey agencies earthwide. This obtain behoof the public-house through preventing confusions aggravate admission allocations. Irrelative scrutinizeors may omission feature admissions such as: * Smoking/Non-smoking admissions * High/Low levels * Queen/2 Single Bed Rooms, etc. We feel too raise a assemblage, Chief Data®, which modees all deep praise cards. They can too use the Reimbursement Software separation to mode debit/ATM cards, checks, stored rebuke/gift cards, equefficacious retired engrave cards and line-of-praise applications. Netoperation for Electronic Transfers (NETS), a Singapore-based reimbursement mode can too be used by the public-house to yield level transactions for scrutinizeors. 6. Entrepreneurship; Capitalization through opportunities 1. Attractions and penetratetainment; Museums Singapore Arts Museum, National Museum, Asian Civilizations Museum are establishd adjacent Convergence Hotel. These museums usually feel irrelative representations shown at irrelative durations of the year. An illustration obtain be Pompeii: Life in a Roman Town 79CE, at the National Museum of Singapore cultivate January 23rd. Istana The Istana is the administrative come of the President wadjacent he holds and penetratetains particularize scrutinizeors. The whole inclosure occupies aggravate 100 acres and is establishd concurrently the assiduous Orchard Road. The facts too contain: * Sri Temasek, too built in 1869, for the Colonial Secretary and was the administrative come of the Prime Minister * The Annexe * The Istana Villa (1938) * The Lodge (1974) * The Japanese Gun, bestowed to Lord Louis Mountbatten after the Japanese * submit in 1945 Marsh Garden (1970) * Lily ponds * A nine-hole golf manner * A burial assign of the Bencoolen Muslims, who came to Singapore natant 1825 and 1828, establishd on the southern slopes of the facts suspend to the Orchard Highway inlet The deep intention of scrutinizeors to scrutinize Istana is to see the construction, the facilities, which is solely uncommon to Singapore 2. Destinations; Peranakan Museum The museum explores the amelioration of Peranakan communities in the antecedent Straits Settlements of Singapore, Malacca and Penang and their links after a suitableness other communities in Southeast Asia (SEA). It is a boutique museum after a suitableness one of the finest and most ample amassions of Peranakan artefacts in the earth. Three bases of enduring galleries illustrebuke influential rituals, practices and the esthetic amelioration of the Peranakans, as well-mannered-behaved-behaved as how the uncommon disamalgamate amelioration is viewed today. The Peranakan Museum yields an agreeefficacious and educational proof for all, after a suitableness involved displays innovatively bestowed in ten galleries, posterity’s interactive and distinctive merchandising in two abundances. Two transient regift galleries obtain bestow a notice of distinctive representations throughout the year. The Peranakan museum is a museum below the Asian Civilisations Museum. Recommendation: Due to the popularity of Mediacorp drama Little Nyonya, the museum may allure Chinese-indo to prize the unromantic artefacts from this museum. In enumeration, non-Nyonya excursionists who omission to proof Nyonya amelioration, they may omission to scrutinize this allureion. As such, the public-house may collaborebuke after a suitableness the museum after a suitableness promotional activities devotion 15% remittance off the museum ticket rebuke after a suitableness any 2 shade avolatile in the public-house. Also, Public-house Convergence may collaborebuke after a suitableness Singapore Tourism Board (STB) to showcondition their promotions and activities respecting Peranakan Museum through STB website. After a suitableness STB a original spring for journeylers, not solely the collaboration obtain surrender Public-house Convergence to quiet journeylers, and too fashion preferefficacious cast natant concern journeylers. For STB, this collaboration obtain achieve their mission: We enlarge and vindicator excursionism, so as to raise the sector into a key inciter of economic development for Singapore by the incrcomfort in popularity of Public-house Convergence and the omission to proof Peranakan amelioration. The Battle Box The Battle Box yields excursions to excursionists and too topical residents of Singapore. For a rebuke of S$5 for posterity and S$8 for adults, scrutinizeors can continue-on a guided excursion of the subsidence. It is the hindmost soldierlove operations compound in Singapore and was the hub of the Malaya Command Head quarters during Earth War II. They use the distinctively de- audio and video movables, eminent temper animatronics and crafted figurines; they fetch tail February 15th 1942 to scrutinizeors, when Singapore waste to the Japanese. So, this object confesss scrutinizeors of Public-house Convergence to get to comprehend the fact of Singapore meliorebuke suitableness they are adjacent. Killing two birds after a suitableness one stone, they get to do operation and comprehend Singapore. In-public-house Instrument Meeting admissions and Events Venues * Six functions admissions which can adjudicate from 10 to 240 tribe and a Telepresence Suite * A sum 880 balance metres of carouse measure * A proud preference of influence ; beverage packages * The hindmost in audio visual ; web technology * Distinctive praise rebukes Technical Equipment The hindmost in audio visual ; web technology is conveniently profitefficacious upon desire. We obtain be content to argue after a suitableness you any distinctive bestowation requirements you may feel, whatever your desires, we obtain succor fashion your accident a prosperity. Rebuke Promise (Fig 1. 1) This employment is profitefficacious generous of admonish. The public-house promises rebuke to their customers and thus, past of them obtain go tail to the public-house past than unintermittently. Concern Benefits (Fig 1. 2) This employment costs near than a ample breakfast meal; $29. 50 Smallest Rebuke Guarantee (Fig 1. 3) Customers are safe that they get the smallest rebuke they can discover in the adjacentest proximity. They obtain equefficacious get claims if they discover a inferior admission rebuke somewadjacent else after a suitableness the equiponderant facilities/services. Conclusion The top three productionss that are forcible to the prosperity is labour, technology and journey agencies. Firstly, labour is influential in the concern. Workers devotion the admissionist government be the chief peculiar the customers obtain confront when they aim the public-house. If the operationers do not discourse their operation seriously, customer government feel a bad percussion of the public-house. However, if the operationers afford a jocular chief percussion to the customer, customer government scrutinize the public-house afashion or recomamend the public-house to their friends and race. This obtain incrcomfort the public-house produce. Secondly, having meliorebuke technology than other public-house obtain strengthen customer to like meliorebuke behoofs that they can’t like in other public-house. An illustration obtain be, customers obtain prefer a public-house after a suitableness wirenear than a public-house which doesn’t feel as wirenear strengthen customer to surf the net abundantly. Meliorebuke technology obtain too balance that the operationers can subsubserve the customer meliorebuke as the solicitude duration obtain be shorter. An illustration obtain be customer checking-in to the public-house. Customer obtain than doesn’t feel to continue for desire queue to check-in to the public-house if the computer order is efficacious to establish the customer admission abundantly. Lastly, journey agencies personate an influential role in the public-house. If multifarious journey agencies are obtaining to circulate to the customer the public-house, tadjacent obtain be stupendous incrcomfort of customers hence to the public-house, which consequence to past produce. Working after a suitableness journey agencies obtain extremely succors the public-house to acquire past produce. However, if no journey production omissions to succor the public-house to their customers, public-house would feel nearer customer than public-house after a suitableness journey agencies succors.