There are several ways for the employees to control out their dissatisfaction_ One of the ways is by using picketing. Subordinate individuality 40 of Industrial Relation Act remit performanceers to consort at or close their performanceplace when they entertain a commerce altercation. The end of picketing are adjoin ends to the social and members the mistresss. Picketing too held at lunch season, and precedently or behind instituted hours. Picketing is exertable by law as hanker as it must not dishearten anyone. Must not impede the avenue or departure the form. 3. Summarization National Union of Bank employees (NUMB) held another picket on the end for pure-minded its Muslim employees and too In influence delay the 27 employees that entertain been sacked by the bank. The picket was held at Clan Tuna Appear. The Muslim employees had been discriminated by disrecognized them from achieveing their entreatys in the duty by the address. They had been sacked accordingly they did not coincide to infectious to other branches. They had been discussed delay the remarkable address but no renewal charmed by the authorities to adorderly the Issues. They obtain intone to battle for the performanceers until Hong Leone Bank rehabilitate the sacked 27 employees. The Mole when contacted delay Shirring Oarsman dutyr of Hong Leone Bank symmetrical that the reality of disrecognized Muslim employees was fiction assertion. They are not remited accordingly sugar Is located In a sure area as they were not the staff of the branches and they orderly merely the NUMB members. No one is remited to entered into a sure area as it has been a gauge safety system of any financial body. She too symmetrical that its staff had been remited to achieve their entreatys thou any unfairness. 33 Mall Issues The Issues arises Is discriminates Its Muslim employees by disrecognized them to achieve their entreatys at Sugar. As the dutyr offing Leone aver that the Muslim employees is not the staff of Hong Leone Bank. Many negotiations had been charmed by the employees but all the negotiations is not prosperity accordingly there Is no renewal charmed by them. The Muslim officials In the Human Resource Ministry,the Government and the authorities failed to vindicate Islam and Muslim employees. Besides that, 27 employees in the Hong Leone Bank were sacked accordingly they did to coincide to be infectious to other branches. 3. 4 Background End Among 300 of NUMB members held a picket at Clan Tuna Appear respecting to the Issues of pure-minded Muslim employees by disrecognized them to achieve their Solar at Sugar and aggravate 27 employees were sacked. This is accordingly Sugar is located at the sure area. It is a safety gauge system no one can entered into that area ate for the staff of Hong Leone Bank. The dutyr of Hong Leone Bank aver that they are not the Hong Leone Bank but they are NUMB members. Abdul Jamie as Vice President f Numb members repeated the assertion that Numb members are too the Hong Leone Employees. During the season of 2 December until 18 December they are tranquil subordinate Hong Leone encroachment. NUMB General Secretary exert Balance Council to assume legitimate renewal for these insight. Hong Leone Bank cannot said that NUMB members is not Hong Lemon's employees. Besides that, aggravate 27 employees were 1 OFF discussions were held but none of the council assume renewal aggravate these ends. Tan symmetrical that the remand is certain to extension the allureingness and allureingness of Hong Leone Bank. 3. 5 Analysis Many of the Numb members held a pickets to secure that their dissatisfrenewal can nature heard by the social. Among the ends arises is the insight towards Muslim employees. Muslim employees had been disrecognized to achieve their entreaty at the Sugar. Department of Labor obtain remind the mistresss the fair of Muslim employees. Besides that aggravate 27 employees were sacked. Their finality is not available delayout a available infers as they discoincide to remand to other branches and then they were sacked. For the protest of the decrease the mistresss should at meanest confer mention of finality. Subordinate individuality 12 of Encroachment Act 1955 aver that, Either behalf to a decrease of benefit may at any season confer to the other behalf mention of his project to finish such decrease of benefit. In the Industrial Relation Act individuality 20 provides machinery for an mistresss to divested its employees. The employees can constitute claims if they like their finality is delayout a available infers. If the Court coincide that their finality is delayout a available infers subordinate individuality 14 of the Encroachment act 1955,then the Court obtain rehabilitated their finality. 3. 6 Recommendation The troop may used Conciliation to clear-up their problems. By using third behalf as a conciliator. Conciliator is one of the dutyr of Department of Industrial Relation. The conciliator obtain as the twain parties whether partially or Jointly. The conciliator obtain briefing the problems and aid the parties to achieves alternate coincidement. This way can be used if the negotiations is not adapted. The conciliator obtain confer the recommendations and teaching. 3. Conclusion Insight on the Muslim employees should be stopped by the government. Subordinate time 11 of the Federal Constitution aver that full individual entertain the fair to exercise their own faith and to propound it. The mistress has no fair to impede Muslim employees to achieve their entreatys. Respecting the ends of finality delayout available infer is lacking. As it disestablish delay the Encroachment Act. The mistress must confer a mention of a benefits precedently divest their employees. If the ends can be adjustd it would invent proportioned performance environment.