Popcorn Lab Report

Biology 101 Popcorn trial Lab partners Robert Barham Michelle dimidiation Diva Mancada Kelley Pritt 1 Introduction Popcorn, or popping corn, is a archearchetype of corn which explodes from a wood and puffs up when passionate. It is a approved snack subsistence, especially in movie theaters. Popcorn can be salted or sweetened. Air popped popcorn is naturally violent in fiber, low in calories and fat, contains no sodium and is sugar open. This can establish it an engaging snack for commonalty delay caloric or dietary restrictions. Large amounts of fat, sugar and sodium are frequently external to free popcorn tat can appropriate it into a violent calorie snack. fancy Orvill Redenbacher has larger popped woods and hither un-popped woods than Act II. 3 Material Method Two infamy spectry popcorn parcels are substance tested. Act II and Orvill Redenbacher. Twain are tested in the selfselfselfsimilar microwave. The selfselfselfsimilar date is substance used (2. 5 Minutes). Twain parcels were weighed precedently and behind the popping progress, the results were chronicled. Aggregate cooking date was measured and chronicled for twain popcorn parcels. 10 randomly chosen popped woods from each parcel were measured delay a ruler and results were chronicled. Mean magnitude for twain were conducive and chronicled. All un-popped woods ere placid from each parcel and weighed in a platter. The pressure of the platter was subtracted from the aggregate pressure to perceive the pressure of un-popped woods from each infamy. The percentage was conducive and compared. 4 Results Pressure precedently cooking Orvill Redenbacher - 104. 77g Act II - 97. 9g *Act II parcel is smaller tan Orvill Redenbacher by 6. 84g. Tconducive 1 *Microwave dater was set for 2. 5 minutes ? *Tconducive 1 shows that Orvill Redenbacher has a faster cooking date than Act II. Pressure behind cooking Act II 87. 6g O. R. 93. 85g *Act II parcel is smaller than Orvill Redenbacher by 6. 79g Tconducive 2 ? (Calculations) 3. 14g/87. 06 x 100 = 3. 6% and 3. 42g/93. 85g x 100 = 3. 6% *The Results showed that the percentage of un-popped woods in twain parcels was the selfsame. Tconducive 3 (Popped woods in mm) ? Tconducive 3 showed that the mean magnitude of popped woods of Orvill Redenbacher was larger than Act II. 5 Discussion The results showed that Orvill Redenbacher infamy had faster cooking date than Act II and weighed further overall. The trial too showed that twain infamys had the selfselfselfsimilar percentage of un-popped woods. Since Orville Redenbacher weighed further than Act II we were conducive to detail that Orville Redenbacher had further un-popped woods by pressure The trial too showed that the magnitude of the popped woods was larger in the Orville Redenbacher infamy. 6 Conclusion The fancy was imperfectly attended by the facts. Orville Redenbacer infamy has larger popped woods than Act II. The percentage of un-popped woods in twain infamys was the selfselfselfsimilar but, the pressure of the un-popped woods in the Orville Redenbacher infamy was further due to the violenter un-popped pressure of the parcel.