Explain the three hypotheses of cell life-shortening

WRITING ASSIGNMENT – Module 4Complete and submit the following assignments. VocabularyPlease write the term and its definition. Your definition should be in your own words andlimited to one or two sentences. spurblobshort trackdelta rayscavenger moleculeradiation life-shorteningsingle strand breakdouble strand breakrecombinationrestitutionpulse radiolysisPuck and Marcus processgiant cellinterphase deathmitotic deathsuperexcitationhydrated electronFricke dosimetercontinuous slowing-downapproximationQuestionsAnswer each of the short-essay questions below in one page or less. 1. Explain the three hypotheses of cell life-shortening. Which hypotheses areaffected by radiation?2. What are the three stages of water radiolysis? What happens in each stage?3. What is the difference between direct and indirect energy transfer?4. What is radiation’s effect on the following: (a)(b)(c)(d)nucleusendoplasmic reticulumcell membranemitochondria5. How could the loss of a single nitrogenous base lead to the death of a cell?6. What are the chemical reactions for restitution and damage fixation?17. Explain the role of the dissociation reaction, addition reaction, and hydrogenatom extraction in water radiolysis. 8. What is cancer? Explain the significance of the lack of growth kinetics. 9. What is the effect of irradiation on the four macromolecules?10. How is a “giant cell” formed?2