Family Grief Worksheet

Complete the Family Grief Worksheet with (60 words for each one and three scholarly References. Need back on Tuesday June 27, 2017 @ 6:00pm Central time

Directions: Family grief is a different dynamic than that of an individual, as it impacts how the family copes with the loss and moves forward. Using the matrix provided below:
1. Identify a family, yours or one with whom you are familiar or one you create. Identify at least five family members. This can include extended family.
2. Identify the task/stage of mourning each family member is in.
3. Create a short example for each member.
4. Identify how the family can respond positively to support the individual.
5. Include a reference page with a minimum of three scholarly references that support task/stage and family response.
Family Member
Four Tasks of Mourning
(Identify what task/stage of mourning)
(Short example/story)
Family Response (What is a supportive family response)






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