Feminist Political Theorist

Two different types of changes that feminist political theorist believe are needed to bring about gender equality in society today.

Feminist political theorist has suggested various changes that would be required to bring about gender equality in the society today. First there is need to reject stereotypes that have for a long time been associated with women (McKinnon, 2012). The perception that ideologies that are held against women cannot change should be shelved and persons try to view women from personal characters rather than public generalization. Feminist political theorists believe that women should not be identified by their sexual orientation because this put barriers to realizing the real potential of a woman (McKinnon, 2012). It is therefore necessary to empower women in order to place women on the same foot as their male counterpart. Generally sexist should not be the basis of defining women but their real potential when they are exposed to a world without barriers and discrimination based on gender (Donovan, 2001).

Secondly, feminist theorist suggests an overhaul of political game. Over the years women have been locked out of politics which is the field that over time has been used to make terms of engagement. Men have used their political dominance to exclude women from realm of power and authority. This had been a legal way to obstruct the female gender from power. It is such practices that for a long time have created inequality (Donovan, 2001). It is therefore paramount that all legal huddles that discriminate woman in whichever form should be done away with in order to give women equal opportunities to those of their men counterpart (McKinnon, 2012). This would be necessitated not only by creating favorable legal framework but also undertaking conscious steps to improve literacy in women and supporting them to take up leadership roles through affirmative action.

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