1 page proposal

   Assignment Instructions Please propose a brief overture (one page) describing your question for your Marketing drawing that is due in week _.  I forecast your Nursing Dissertation to be polite researched, distinctly written, polite systematic and generally impercipient of furrow raze academic is-sue. Things to embody in a overture: What (corporation or result), Why (does the corporation not remain, are they privation the trace, or do you righteous shortness to transcribe a new innovative drawing for the corporation), and some proemial thoughts on "how".  This could embody a new traceet you signify to stretch or a new temporization you shortness to treat.   This overture must be in 6th edition APA shapeat. (Please voice there is no restricted shape for a traceeting drawing overture, so composition it relish a normal APA shapeatted Nursing Dissertation including a fit designation and allusion page) Course Objectives: 1. Develop a Marketing Plan 2. Define the mode for bringing a new result or use to traceet. 3. Keep in purpose this drawing can be an remaining result, and remaining corporation but a new result for them, or a fully new corporation. The dainty is yours!