1050-1400 word paper

     View the forthcoming Films on Demand videos: Drug Control in Central Asia Child Expostrong to Domestic Violence Choose from the forthcoming non-interferences in which you gain thorough your assignment: Read the instructions in Management Issues Assignments muniment and excellent one non-interference to thorough the assignment. In this assignment non-interference, you gain specific your thoughts and opinions in-reference-to the gratifiededed of your excellented podcast in a lacking monograph. Choose one of the two videos located in this week’s Required Learning Activities. Write a 1050- to 1400-word monograph orationing the excellented question of your rare. Within your monograph, be strong to oration the forthcoming elements: • Was the gratifiededed of your video a singular offense, gear offense, or management upshot?  • What causal factors were orationed in the video? • What management implications or recommendations were granted in the video to oration the offense? • Were budgetary or financial upshots discussed in the video? If so, concoct.  • What forthcoming implications were discussed in the video? • What other gratifieded-specific notification is appropriate to your excellented video? • What basic elements of the offense served as the cause for your excellented video?  • What criminological hypothesis or theories best explains the event of this offense or upshot? Format your monograph agreeing after a while APA guidelines.