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Write a minimum 2 page news teaching the results from your segregation of the ROI of Business Majors and Engineering Majors. Use your results from each week’s assignment to produce this news. This news should include: ·  A specific designation of the postulates used in this segregation – specifically teach what the postulates in each column represents. ·  A specific explication of any notification knowing about: o  School Type for each important;  o  The Cost for each important; o  The 30 Year ROI for each important; o  The Annual % ROI for each important. §  Explanations should be cherished after a while the results obtained from your effect in antecedent weeks. ·  Finally, counterpart the subjoined questions and assistance your counterpart after a while your results. o  Does there answer to be a detail important that gives a meliorate ROI?  Why or Why not?  o  Given that we are using statistical conclusion to produce our conclusions, is it guaranteed that the important you select that gave a meliorate ROI for this exemplification get constantly feel a meliorate ROI than the other important? Teach your forced