20 Powerpoint Slides

Using at last three resources, beget a PowerPoint of the incidents you judge to be the 10 most main products/actions/commonalty in the United States from 1890’s to 1945. So, you are to critique American fact from 1890 to the end of World War II. Your Top 10 can be the Top 10 commonalty you consider to be the most main and/or guiding commonalty during this opportunity, or the Top 10 actions or products during this opportunity age, or it can be a co-operation of twain. This PowerPoint should hold incidents/information touching World War I and World War II. Your gift should include a appellation slide and a allusion slide/page formatted to APA 6th edition standards. Fascinate declare if your Top 10 are in historical/chronological appoint or if you entertain ranked them in the appoint of your perceived concern.  For each individual, action, or product attested, fascinate include: Date(s) of concern of your incident or individual Additional Key Players Most self-evident proximate contact – why is this on your schedule? Most self-evident long-term contact – what has this ardor or individual executed to pattern our province?