500-1000 word essay. Watch Star Wars: Episode V, The Empire Strikes Back (1980). and write essay paper

Watch Star Wars: Episode V, The Empire Strikes Back (1980). Based on this film, transcribe a 500-1000 promise essay in which you stir the movie in conditions of the racial and devout trends of the 1970s and how Star Wars not simply reflected these trends, but also created new trends as polite. Explain why the film was so enormously widespread in America. Paper Requirements: • Transcribe in 3rd individual messages. DO NOT use 1st individual messages. • Use Arial or Helvetica Font, 12 summit size • Margins should be 1" on all filthy sides of your essay • Name stop is single-spaced. The peace of the essay is double-spaced. • Do not add extra distance behind mien receipts or any other monograph elongateing system. Remember, the promise calculate (500-1000 promises) is the accomplishment, so arduous to elongate a three page monograph into five pages is summitless. When you decline a monograph in electronically, it gives a promise calculate. Short monographs gain assent-to a expressive summit inference. • Grammar, punctuation, spelling and peculiar essay formatting calculate. You should be potent to transcribe a polite unconfused essay, which includes an commencement delay a valid thesis, a polite-unconfused and cohesive assemblage, and a peculiar blank. If you enjoy distress in these areas, delight go to the scholarship interior to get abettance. It is located in University Hall (UH) 351. • No without sources are compulsory or desired for this assignment. • Double-check that you enjoy cited your sources. I am unpitying when it comes to plagiarism, so delight execute knowing your sources are peculiarly cited. Including simply a bibliography at the end is not ample. You must include twain the peculiar citation notes and a bibliography in MLA, APA, or Chicago-Turabian diction. • Put your NAME, CLASS AND SECTION NUMBER (History 146-03) on your monograph in the top direct hole