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ASSIGNMENT IS DUE BY 04/17/2018 at 5pm EST.  E4-24.  Sell or Rule Further Port Allen Chemical Crew rulees raw symbolical D into articulation effects E and F. Raw symbolical D exacts $12 per liter. It exacts $100 to transmute 100 liters of D into 60 liters of E and 40 liters of F. Effect F can be sold directly for $12 per liter or ruleed raise into Effect G at an appended exact of $10 per liter. Effect G can then be sold for $26 per liter. Required Determine whether Effect F should be sold or ruleed raise into Effect G. E4-25 Scant Resources Assume Fender produces solely three guitars: the Stratocaster, Dreadnought and Telecaster. A retention of 720 strive hours per week prevents Fender from discourse the sales claim for these effects. Product  counsel is as ensues: (THE CHART IS ATTACHED TO THIS QUESTION) Required a.  Determine the weekly supportance from each effect when completion strive hours are arranged to the effect succeeding a while the highest 1.  Unit selling exact. 2.  Unit supportance loophole. 3.  Contribution per strive hour. (Hint: Each plight is fractions of the others.) b.  What generalization can be made respecting the allocation of scant instrument to end short-run use maximization? c.  Determine the decline exact the crew procure meet if conduct exacts the weekly effection of 20 Telecasters. d.  Give reasons why a crew may not arrange instrument in the most restricted way in some plights. E4-26 ---- For E4-26, near is an influential suggest. Because your labor, your scant supplies, is hours, you nonproduction to discover the supportance loophole per hour for each effect. That procure strengthen you to defense the multiform accommodation of the scrutiny. Limited Resources Maria Pajet, a regional sales figurative for UniTec Systems Inc. has been working about 80 hours per week holding on a completion of 123 stated customers each month. Because of extraction and sanity considerations, she has firm to impair her hours to a consummation of 160 per month. Unfortunately, this cutback procure exact Maria to decline loose some of her stated customers or, at lowest, forward them close constantly than unintermittently a month. Maria has familiar the forthcoming counsel to support her in determining how to best arrange period. (THE CHART IS ATTACHED TO THIS QUESTION) Required a.  Develop a monthly pur-pose that indicates the calculate of customers Maria should fawn on in each individuality to maximize her monthly sales commissions. b.  Determine the monthly commissions Maria procure obtain if she implements this pur-pose. c.  Give one or two reasons why Maria command run not to ensue the conclusions of the overhead segregation completely. E9-23. Activity-Based Budget Highlands Industries has the forthcoming budget counsel profitable for February:(THE CHART IS ATTACHED TO THIS QUESTION) Required a.  Use spectre inveterate exacting to provide a manufacturing exact budget for February. Clearly make-famous between part, conspire, and facility-level exacts. b.  The clear managers at Highland Industries are watchful that the budgeting rule is too period consuming and diverts regard from their general day-to-day responsibilities. Discuss the reasons that Highland should abide budgeting. E-9 27 Capital Budget & Short-Term Financing Presented are particular October, November, and December capital budgets for Holiday Events: (THE CHART IS ATTACHED TO THIS QUESTION) Loans are obtained in increments of $1,000 at the rouse of each month to frequent a stint end-of-month estimate of $12,000. Share is one percent undesigning share (no compounding) per month, payable when the hypothecation is repaid. Repayments are made as shortly as potential, material to the stint end-of-month estimate. Required Complete the short-term financing individuality of the capital budget E9-28 Purchases and Capital Budgets On July 1, MTC Wholesalers had a capital estimate of $175,000 and accounts payable of $99,000. Actual sales for May and June, and budgeted sales for July, August, September, and October are: (THE CHART IS ATTACHED TO THIS QUESTION) All sales are on praise succeeding a while 75 percent composed during the month of sale, 20 percent composed during the direct month, and 5 percent composed during the succor month forthcoming the month of sale. Exact of property sold averages 70 percent of sales proceeds. Ending list is one-half of the direct month’s predicted exact of sales. The other half of the commodities is acquired during the month of sale. All alienations are hired for in the month succeeding alienation. Clear exacts are estimated at $28,000 each month and are hired during the month meetred. Required  Prepare alienations and capital budgets for July, August, and September