Anatomy & physiology assignment

Unit 12. ________________________________________ Chapter 12 - Investigation Assignment. The Spinal Cord, Spinal Nerves, and Somatic Reflexes. Spinal Cord Trauma: Treatments. Assignment: You gain go to the Internet and type:, and looking at that primitive page, go to he top suitable and within the window for SEARCH, put Spinal Cord Injury. Once it unconcealeds, prime one of the contrariant allied topics and vision and paste the primitive article of that page to the dependence area of the investigation assignment. Remember that you as-well bear the converge for the CDC in the menu to the left in your sequence full, where it says, WEB LINKS. ( How to suggest the assignment: Go and click on LESSONS on the left menu of the Blackboard sequence. Look for the restricted Chapter. Open your assignment clicking beneath the Investigation Assignment. Read the instructions. Build your assignment as a WORD instrument dogged from the Blackboard classification. Copy and paste your WORD article into the assignment dependence exception by clicking on: TEXT SUBMISSION – Write dependence. (Not within the window for Comments) After that click, a window for the dependence gain unconcealed and now you can paste your WORD instrument into that window. Scroll down all the way and meet the settle for SUBMIT. Click on that and it is prepared suggestted